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help you survive the end of the world 2013

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Дата: 05.01.2013 23:54:12
Автор: beny755

Planet Earth and its inhabitants may not survive the February 14, 2013. The fact is that on February 14, 2013 appointed the next end of the world. At the end of December 2012 (at the time appointed the end of the world, according to the Means) flew past Earth wandering planet Nibiru, which travels through the solar system. Nibiru was never seen, but now scientists claim that in early 2013 the planet has finally brought before earthlings. End of the world happens because of the shift of the magnetic poles. The inhabitants of Planet Earth predicted a new end of the world - it must come February 14, 2013. In mid-February 2013 the Earth will pass between the sun and the mythical planet Nibiru. Because of the location of land next to a wandering planet of the solar system Nibiru humans awaits a change of the magnetic poles. Threaten us some trouble and consequences: 1. Refusal of electronics and electricity 2. As a consequence of the fall and destruction of the industry 3. And as a result - hunger 4. Well, a lot of inconvenience to any side - radiation, nuclear winter, a change of the magnetic field and so on. Proceed to the statement itself: 1. Stock up on food and candles 2. Book and buy tickets to Siberia - the only place that will survive. Buy tickets right now and a lot like end of the world - will be selling. And the accumulated bad seed money for a new era. Want to buy a plane ticket to Siberia cheap - you should be thinking ahead. Cheap tickets are usually sold out in the first place, and soon will be only expensive places. 3.The system payment: WebMoney. Submitting an application. 1. Write your data or WebMoney WMZ________ WME_________ 2. Send an e-mail 3. Transfer $ 200 to the account: WMZ383067592503 WME413361458948. Once the money is transferred to the account, to send a letter, the application is considered accepted.

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